Sharif Milk Products (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated on 7th September, 2011; engaged in dairy milk processing and marketing of Dairy and allied products under the brand name of Anhaar. Anhaar has now become synonymous with quality and innovation with the vision to provide top quality milk which is free of steroids, breeding hormones and any other impurities. Anhaar has set benchmark for the industry, in not only best practices of producing top quality milk but also ensured consistent quality and delivery to the consumers. Today Sharif Dairy Farms which is located in the beautiful outskirts of rural Punjab, is the only source of milk production for Anhaar with the herd size of 3000 Australian Friesian cows.



Why “Gawala” Milk is Harmful?

  • Homogenized for smooth creamy thickness in each sip
  • Naturally fortified with vitamins and minerals like calcium, protein and iron
  • Our own farm milk of Australian Holstein Friesian Cows
  • Milk is pasteurized within 4-5 Hours of milking
  • Fully Automated System ensuring international hygiene standards
  • Hormones & Antibiotic Free Milk
  • No Additives & Preservatives
  • HALAL Certified
  • Packaged in special Food Grade HDPE Bottles
  • It is not tested for hormones and antibiotic.
  • Contains dangerous pathogens.
  • Unhygienic and highly adulterated.
  • It can be contaminated with bacteria that causes illnesses such as               salmonella and E. coli.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis found that foodborne illness from raw milk especially affected children and teenagers.
  • Raw milk should never be consumed directly.
  • Everyone, especially; pregnant women and children should never drink raw milk because they’re at the highest risk for developing catastrophic symptoms from bacteria and parasites.
  • Milk is boiled at home with high temperature that damages the nutritive value of milk resulting in denaturing of milk protein.