About Us


Anhaar is in the business of fulfilling customer needs related to healthy well-being by offering quality food products by efficiently utilizing state of the art technology & human resource in a way that creates value for stakeholders & for the farming community of Pakistan.


To be the largest fresh foods brand in the region.

Humble Beginnings

Sharif Milk Products (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated on 7th September, 2011; engaged in dairy Milk processing and marketing of Dairy and allied products under the brand name of Anhaar. Anhaar has now become synonymous with quality and innovation with the vision to provide top quality Milk which is free of antibiotic, breeding hormones and any other impurities. Anhaar has set benchmark for the industry, in not only best practices of producing top quality Milk but also ensured consistent quality and delivery to the consumers. Today Sharif Dairy Farms which is located in the beautiful outskirts of rural Punjab, is the only source of Milk production for Anhaar with the herd size of 4000 Australian cows. We produce in-house fodder for our cows and the milking of animals is being done in the most hygienic conditions with automated Milking parlors.

Pasteurization and bottling of top quality Milk is also carried out at the same location using state of the art plant facility. The complete control over quality is ensured from whole Milk production to finished products packaging with top of the line resources. The Raw Milk is tested for various quality tests before the process of homogenization and pasteurization after which it is filled in HDPE bottles that are also produced within the same vicinity by a sister concern business to ensure quality parameters. Packaged liquid Milk is stored in cold storage areas before delivery to the retail sector in company’s chilled vehicles. The Company has proved its brand name Anhaar in the market by providing top quality products with the most extensive portfolio including pasteurized Milk (Whole Milk, Full cream Milk & Low Fat Milk), Flavored Yogurt (Strawberry, Mango), Desi Ghee, Raita, and Yogurt (Sweet, Plain, Greek style, Kafayat and Low-fat). We are determined to serve our nation with the best quality Milk and dairy products to ensure healthy Pakistan as our products are free from all preservatives.

Sharif Dairy Farms

In our dairy farm, highly qualified dairy and veterinary staff is looking after the dairy animals to manage the constantly increasing herd size of 4000 Australian cows and also for ensuring top health, care, food and other services. SDF is also engaged in taking consultancy from foreign qualified and experienced veterinarians, it has a consultancy agreement with University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (UVAS). UVAS’s graduates are given internships in SDF during which they do valuable research and development work at site which turns out to be very beneficial for the business. Two milking parlors work simultaneously at SDF in order to feed Milk to the processing units with the inclusion of SMPL, Nestle, Engro Foods and other Dairy processors.

• Processing and Packaging

To protect our valuable consumers from harmful bacteria that are present in raw Milk, it goes through a time bound heating process to destroy harmful micro-organisms and make it safe to consume. Pasteurization kills all the pathogenic bacteria while homogenization gives Milk an evenly rich taste. Processed Milk is then poured into international standard food grade bottles under hygienic controls so that pure wholesome goodness is preserved and brought fresh to retail customers. Pakistan has over three times as many “dairy animals” as Germany, the vast majority (over 80 percent) being kept in herds of one to three animals. Annual Milk yield per dairy animal is one-fifth of that achieved in Germany and about one-third of the yield of New Zealand dairy sector. Over twenty million tons of Milk was produced in 2002, nearly 70% of it was derived from cattle. Over the past 6 years, total Milk production has increased by around 17%; out of which the growth resulting from an increase in the number of cattle (local as well as cross breed) is more, while yield increases have contributed relatively little to production growth.

• Sourcing and Quality Control

After passing the quality control at SD Farms, raw Milk goes through rigorous quality checks at SMPL Quality Lab which is well equipped with state of the art equipment including Microbiological testing as well. Quality Representative follows strict procedures to ensure that highest quality product is packaged and distributed at Retail for consumption.