Why Us


– No need to Boil.
– Pasteurization kills harmful bacteria in milk without affecting the taste or nutritional value.
– Homogenized for smooth creamy taste in each sip.
– Naturally fortified with calcium, vitamins & protein.
– Our own farm pure Milk of cows.
– Milk is pasteurized within 4-5 hours of milking.
– Fully Automated milking parlour ensuring international hygiene standards.
– Free from hormones and antibiotic.
– No additives & Preservatives.
– Certified by PFA, PSQCA and HALAL.
– Packaged in Food grade HDPE bottles under hygienic conditions.
– Processed and packed at state of the art European plant.

Why “Lose Milk” is Harmful?

– Contains Hormones and antibiotics.
– Source of dangerous pathogens.
– Unhygienic and can cause illness.
– Lose milk should never be consumed directly.